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I will keep this page on the air for developers.

PHPEclipse - Debugger


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Download pre-beta version
Installation notes
Notes about the PHPEclipse debugger development
Linux users ** NEW
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Screen Shots

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Backup your current plug-ins before installing this one. This is a pre-beta, so I don't take responsibility of any loosing or crashing information.

Download pre-beta version (last update 2003-11-26) * Fixed some error trapping problems. Please check latest version on CVS. (the rest of phpeclipse plug-in (v 1.0.6a), Caution! may not be the ultimate version)

Previous version (2003-11-09)

After download, you must follow the installation instructions
See the "Features List" to kwnow limitations

Installation notes

1) Download DBG Debugger (I'm using version 2.11.4)
2) Install DBG Debugger following the instructions or read the same instructions from my page
3) Install plug-in normally

NOTE: This section was created only for informative purposes, you don't need to take any action about these points, to install the debug plug-in.

Notes about the PHPEclipse debugger development (random notes)

Download another Eclipse Plug-in with debugger (Ruby)
Note about markers
Accessing Environment Variables... It was necessary a JNI library to access os environment variables, Some links:
   LCC: A free C compiler for Windows
   Intresting note to make JNI libraries
   Free JNI interface to get environment variables (with sources)
   Short description how to use environment-variables under JDK 1.4

Linux users ** NEW

Environment settings shared library for linux compiled (thanks Fernando Lozano!!!!)
This file is escential for debugging and is the risponsible of setting environment variables for DBG extension.
It's under testing. If you are linux user please download and try it, I'm waiting for feedback.
You must uncompress the file and put it on <your plugins folder>/net.sourceforge.phpeclipse.debug.core/os/linux/x86

Notes about compilation:
This was compiled using gcc 3.2.2 so it won't work for Linux distributions using older releases of the C compiler. For the same reason, you have to use JRE 1.4.2 from Sun (or a Blackdown one compiled using gcc 3.2.2). I know for sure this should work on Red Hat 8.0 and 9.0 but don't know wich releases for other Linux distributions.

The followig command builds the library:

gcc -fpic -shared net_sourceforge_phpdt_internal_debug_core_Environment.c -I$JAVA_HOME/include -I$JAVA_HOME/include/linux -o

Features List

Add/Remove Breakpoints
Pause, Resume, Step into, Step over, Step out debugging
See stack frames, variable values, objects, arrays, etc.

To Do List

Code evaluation
A lot...A lot...A lot...


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