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We are really excited to announce the launch of FullControl for Android!

Here is a little review of this great application

FullControl is a 4-in-1 application that helps you to control your mobile phone usage:

  • Outgoing calls limiter
  • Outgoing SMS limiter
  • Mobile data limiter
  • Applications and phone settings locker

The main idea behind FullControl, is to have a way to limit the usage and thus the extra charges generated when you exceed your mobile plan quotas.


Did you ever receive an unpleasant surprise on your phone bill, because you exceeded your plan quotas?

Do you have kids and you want to give them a phone but you’re worried about how much they’ll use it?

Do you have employees and want to give them a phone but you want to restrict it’s usage to certain phone numbers or certain minutes of usage per month?

FullControl may be the app for you, there is a lot more, keep reading…


[✔] Define monthly limits according to your phone bill

[✔] Define trusted numbers that can bypass monthly limits

[✔] Only allow calls and sent messages to trusted numbers

[✔] Define on-air calls time fractioning

[✔] Lock access to specific applications

[✔] Lock specific phone settings, or simply all settings

[✔] Block the installation and removal of applications

[✔] Limit monthly mobile data transfer

[✔] Widget to quickly check your quotas

[✔] Statistics to see detailed usage of quotas

… and much more!

How does it works

After you install the app (we recommend to install the TRIAL version first to see if it works as you expect on your device) you will be guided through a wizard to configure the FullControl for the first time. Just follow the steps reading carefully each of the six screens.

You will be asked to define a administrator password. If you ever need to change the FullControl settings or any other phone setting, you will need this password.

Each step of the wizard will help you to optionally define monthly limits for the calls (in minutes), number of SMS/MMS per month and data usage amount.

Finish the wizard and you are ready to use your mobile safely!

Of course, you can set up more advanced options through the main menu, always protected by the administrator password you defined first!

3 Recommendations, READ PLEASE!

  • Install the TRIAL version before buying the full version. It is free, and you can try it for 35 days.
  • Keep your FullControl administrator password safe, you will need it if you ever need to change the FullControl settings or any other phone setting.
  • Define a password recovery e-mail address. This is highly recommended!


This application is available in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Check out the FullControl home page, and the FAQ for more information!

FullControl on Google Play

FullControl TRIAL on Google Play


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