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GPRS module before tear down

I’ve got this relatively cheap GPRS modem from dealextreme with the hope that I could hack it to send SMS’s through the serial interface.

Unfortunately the IMEI of this device is zeroed and thus invalid for local operators in this and other countries. I teared down the device in an attempt to hack it, but failed and I’ll show you why…

According to the comments in the DX page, this modem was supposed to use a BENQ M32 module, and you can easily find some datasheets and pinout, etc on the web. Well, that’s wrong, it’s not an M32 BUT an M31, which makes the story totally different. After reading this document, my idea was to take apart the module from the modem board and try to use the JTAG interface to read or alter the firmware/IMEI.

This is what I was expecting to see:

BenQ M32
BenQ M32

But after almost destroying the thing this is what I’ve actually found:

BenQ M32
BenQ M32

End of story, I couldn’t find the pinout of this chip anywhere on the Internet. You have been warned! don’t try this at home 😀

If you know the pinout, please let me know!