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Quick recipe to enable source code change detection on the GoogleAppEngineLauncher (Mac OS X Lion).

If you take a look to the app engine dev server logs, you’ll probably see the following message:

/Applications/ UserWarning: Detecting source code changes is not supported because your Python version does not include PyObjC ( Please install PyObjC or, if that is not practical, file a bug at

That basically means that you need to install PyObjC in your python environment. Turns out it is not that straight forward since neither pip install pyobjc nor easy_install pyobjc seems to work, at least in my machine, so I googled and found the following step-by-step.

This link should be the answer to your problems:

HOWEVER -obviously there is a but, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this down- I needed to modify the step-by-step for me, because I wanted to install PyObjC in my local Python 2.7 environment. Here it goes:

sudo pip-2.7 install distribute
sudo pip-2.7 install -U pyobjc     # You will get an error
sudo sed -i.bak 's/use_2to3 = True/use_2to3 = False/g' ./build/pyobjc-core/
cd build/pyobjc-core/
sudo python install

That’s it!